Q your space into a symphony of scents with Qure pod diffuser

The Qure smart fragrance diffuser offers a modern and luxurious scenting experience by blending innovative technology with premium fragrances.


Q Scent

Elevate your space to pure excellence

Elevate your home environment with our premium air diffuser and the unique selection of fragrance oils

Qure transforms your space into a luxurious sanctuary, evoking the ambiance of a 5-star hotel. Using cutting-edge cold-air diffusion technology, this compact device converts fragrance oil into a dry mist, ensuring consistent and long-lasting aroma. Ideal for intimate spaces, our diffuser maintains the therapeutic properties of our fragrance oils without heat or water, preserving their natural essence.

With cold-air diffusion, Qure ensures scent longevity and optimal coverage, without altering fragrance properties. This advanced technology leaves no residue, making it safe for children and pets. 


Q Experience

What makes Qure unique?

Unique Fragrance Pod – just click it!

Discover the unparalleled convenience of Qure’s unique pod technology

With no leaks or mess, our system ensures effortless scent replacement, allowing for the use over 30 days. Enjoy the benefits of home aromatherapy without the hassle of cleaning! Experience prolonged scent diffusion and enhanced coverage, all while saving on costs with our efficient solution. Welcome to a new era of scent technology.

Luxurious scents – feel the difference

Transform any environment into a haven of relaxation with our fragrances

Crafted to transport your imagination to peaceful landscapes, each pod fosters a state of calm and comfort, enveloping you in a cozy atmosphere. Energize your senses and uplift your mood with our carefully curated scents, designed to refresh the air and revitalize your space. Plus, rest assured knowing our fragrances are lab-tested for high quality and comply with regulations in the US, Europe, and Asia, ensuring a safe and satisfying experience.

Lavender Dreamland

About the fragrance:

Experience the captivating allure of our lavender scent, a sophisticated blend designed to soothe and invigorate. It opens with a bright, refreshing burst of citrus and herbal notes, including orange, lemon, lime, and eucalyptus. At its heart, the calming floral aroma of lavender is beautifully complemented by rose, jasmine, and spruce, creating a serene and balanced bouquet. The fragrance then settles into a warm, earthy base of cedarwood, peach, moss, and coconut, providing a comforting and enduring finish. Perfect for relaxation and revitalization, this intricate composition offers a versatile and timeless aroma.

TOP: Orange, Lemon, Lime, Green, Clove, Apple, Eucalyptus, Anise
Heart: Lavender, Spruce, Rose, Jasmine, Muguet
Base: Cedarwood, Peach, Moss, Coconut

Floral Whispers of Blooms

About the fragrance:

Floral Whispers of Blooms captures the essence of a sunlit garden with an initial burst of citrus from lemon, orange, and cyclamen. This vibrant opening is followed by a heart of delicate floral notes, including lily, violet, jasmine, and a hint of tropical pineapple, adding sweetness and a touch of the exotic. The fragrance then deepens with warm, rich base notes of musk, peach, caramel, and raspberry, providing a comforting and enduring finish. Perfect for those seeking a blend of freshness, sweetness, and warmth, Floral Whispers of Blooms offers a captivating and balanced aroma.

TOP: Lemon, Orange, Cyclamen
Heart: Lily, Violet, Jasmine, Pineapple
Base: Musk, Peach, Caramel, Raspberry

Cutting-edge technology – unveil the future

Step into a world of scent innovation with Qure

Qure is powered by cutting-edge dry air technology for consistent scent diffusion. Engineered for high output rates and intense fragrance, it ensures a stable performance across a wide temperature range, providing long-lasting scent no matter the season. Our patented HPMV activation system guarantees optimal efficiency, while each pod features a high-performance membrane for leak-free fragrance release. Enjoy a strong and consistent fragrance experience, compliant with regulations on volatile organic compounds, and elevate your space with confidence and sophistication.

Green Innovation – together we care

We’ve taken a sustainable approach by replacing 30% of the regular PP material in our honeycomb with an environmentally conscious alternative made from coffee grounds fiber. Not only does this reduce plastic usage, but it also lowers carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to a healthier planet.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. The coffee grounds fiber we use is fully recyclable and environmentally protected, ensuring that every step of our production process aligns with our dedication to protecting the Earth. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment while enjoying high-quality products crafted with care and conscience. Together, let’s sip on sustainability and brew a greener future.

Less plastic = the fragrance of positive change

Modern and portable – because life doesn’t stand still

Sophistication meets practicality, providing a safe and fragrant solution for every corner of your life

A sleek, modern design that complements any space. It can be elegantly displayed or discreetly hidden, and its portable design lets you move it easily from room to room, office, or car. Safe for pets and children, the Qure Diffuser won’t spill if knocked over. Enhance your atmosphere with a beautiful scent wherever you go.


Q Craftsmanship

Discover perfected fragrance innovation

Qure preserves the therapeutic properties of our fragrance oils without using heat or water, ensuring their scent remains unaltered. It features customizable fragrance intensity settings with two fan speeds to choose from. Qure is conveniently charged via a USB-C cable, and its user-friendly design makes it incredibly intuitive to use.

How to set it up?

Pull out the foil protecting the oil in the fragrance pod

Insert the pod into the bottom of the diffuser head

Press the button to turn the diffuser on and enjoy the aroma

Convenience and safety first!


Q Inquiries

Uncover answers to your dilemmas

Please check the following. If you still have any questions, please contact customer service.

Usage Steps

  1. Tear off the aluminum foil seal of the capsule and insert it into the host machine until you hear a “click” sound.
  2. Press and hold the machine button until the blue light turns on to start with low-speed wind; press again to switch to high-speed wind.

Environment Inspection

Qure is lightweight and suitable for spaces of 4-6 square meters. It is best used in closed environments such as on desks or in small rooms.

Fragrance Performance

Sensitivity to specific fragrances can vary among individuals. This fragrance set includes three different types of fragrances. Please try using the other varieties. Additionally, the compound capsules have a more pronounced scent than the single capsules.

The current essential oil scent can be used safely by patients with favism and babies over 6 months old. For pets, it is recommended to use a single lavender-scented essential oil.

Yes, the “Qure Fragrance Purifier” contains environmentally friendly materials throughout, from the machine itself to the essential oil capsules. The built-in photocatalyst honeycomb network is made from recycled coffee grounds and can biodegrade naturally. The essential oil capsules are made of recyclable PP material, which can be reused to make electrical casings, wheels, and other products after use.

Qure is suitable for temperatures between -10℃ and +50℃. If the temperature in the car exceeds 50℃, it is recommended to use our special mesh bag to carry it out of the car. The product should not be directly splashed with water. It is applicable to any space.


When used continuously for 3-4 hours a day, a fragrance capsule can last for one month.

No, you cannot add essential oils yourself. Our essential oils use patented polymer breathable film technology and are filled in laboratory-grade environments and special devices. Therefore, there is currently no filled version available for self-addition.

The exterior material is not prone to dust accumulation. To clean the inside of the machine, gently open the machine and disassemble the rotating buckle to remove the coffee grounds honeycomb net. You can easily clean the dust with a brush.

Qure is recommended for use in spaces of 4-6 square meters.

Yes, we use certified 100% pure essential oils made from natural ingredients. We do not add volatile agents, stabilizers, chemical fragrances, or other additives. Our patented polymer breathable film technology ensures natural and safe fragrance diffusion.


Q Opinions

Discover the essence of customer experiences

Del. Every little d

The QURE Fragrance Purifier combines aroma diffusion and air purification functions. With its low decibel operation and cordless design, it offers versatility for various occasions. Additionally, users can easily disassemble and assemble fragrance capsules to suit different settings.


If you I think the term “Nespresso of essential oils” is not just a marketing term, but also a precise explanation of what makes QURE unique. In addition to bringing a comfortable and pleasant smell, the purpose of a fragrance machine should also focus on establishing a quality of life, so that everyone’s external living environment and inner mood can be as beautiful as the fragrance of essential oils.

Chen Ming Zhu

If you are sensitive to sound like me, need to stay in a recording studio or work in a quiet place for a long time, and need a good scent to accompany you, then the QURE Fragrance Purifier is very suitable for you.

The Seaweed Bear

The #Qure Fragrance Purifier I received this time, I just opened it and haven’t used it yet, and I can smell a faint aroma coming out of the box, and it’s really good news for lazy people.


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